Medioevo Restaurant
Via Arco dei Priori 4, 06081 Assisi (Perugia)
Phone +39 075 813068  +39 335 8153118 (William)


Saturday 1 open lunch and dinner
Sunday 2 open for lunch
Monday 3 closed per shift
Tuesday 4 and Wednesday 5 open for dinner
Thursday 6 open lunch and dinner
From Tuesday 11 always open lunch and dinner

Openings of the Holidays:

Bridge of the Immaculate 8 December
Open for lunch and dinner on Friday 7 and Saturday 8
Sunday 9 open for lunch

Christmas and surroundings
Monday 24 open for dinner with a la carte menu
Tuesday 25 Christmas open for lunch with a fixed menu and à la carte
From 26 to 31 always open lunch and dinner
New Year’s Eve (with a fixed price menu)

From 1 to 6 January always open lunch and dinner with a la carte menu.

Always open for groups, banquets and receptions every day, even on Mondays.

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Medioevo Restaurant |  Via Arco Priori 4, 06060 – Assisi (PG)  |  TEL. 075813068  |  P.IVA 02062370545  |  REA 176831